BReathe R is for……………….

meditating on the beach


Lots of people are feeling a bit scared and anxious at this time and this makes our bodies tense and uncomfortable.  So it’s important to let them unwind and relax.  Not by gaming – this is something different – but by letting your body be still for a time.  Maybe listening to a story or some music.  Notice every inch of your body and let it unwind and get comfortable.  Maybe you have learned about Mindfulness at school – this is something else you could try – there are lots of good apps out there like – Calm Kids or Breathe Kids to help you to relax if your feelings are uncomfortable.

Breathing is also a good way to relax. You can just count your breaths for a while – in and out – in and out – in and out……. Or you can imagine a square in your head and breathe in whilst you travel along one edge – and hold it whilst you travel along another, breathe out whilst you travel along the third edge and hold it again for the last edge; one full breath will get you all the way round and then you can start again.  Slow breathing like this can make you feel much better.