warning children walking

Going Back to School

Time for children and teenagers in the UK to go back to school.  Having been Locked down in their homes since March. Whilst some will have had good experiences of distanced learning and enjoyed being at home – at least some of the time – for many they will have

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working in covid times

Working Face to Face in COVID times

On 23rd March 2020, High View – like the rest of the UK went into Lockdown.  The story of COVID-19 and its effect on the world is familiar to us all.  For us, this meant that we could no longer meet with our patients, supervises, and colleagues face-to-face in either

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Breathe B is for. . . . . . .

Begin by making a new pattern to your day One of the things that school does is it makes life predictable and everyone feels safer if they know what is going to happen next.  Monday to Friday – you go to school, get up at the same time, have lessons

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meditating on the beach

BReathe R is for……………….

Relax! Lots of people are feeling a bit scared and anxious at this time and this makes our bodies tense and uncomfortable.  So it’s important to let them unwind and relax.  Not by gaming – this is something different – but by letting your body be still for a time. 

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Kid dancing in the light

BrEathe E is for………..

Exercise. This is one of the things that can make you feel much better – getting your body moving and having fun.  Maybe you can join one of the celebrities doing workouts on YouTube.  Or go out for a walk or run with mum and dad.  Someone has had the

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