BrEathe E is for………..

Kid dancing in the light


This is one of the things that can make you feel much better – getting your body moving and having fun.  Maybe you can join one of the celebrities doing workouts on YouTube.  Or go out for a walk or run with mum and dad.  Someone has had the idea of putting bears in windows – so you could go out and do your own live Bear Hunt – talk to your friends and make sure their bears are looking out of the window.  Or look for the Rainbows that people have put up to thank the people working for the NHS.  There is always a bear in my window……………………

But there are lots of ways to get some exercise – have you got a trampoline?  Or maybe roller skates or a skateboard.  What is your favourite thing to do with your body?

Do you like dancing? Or skipping?  See if you can find a new activity to learn.  Get outside if you can – but if you can’t – just clear a bit of the floor and see what you can do……………………

The other thing that is fun to do whilst you are out walking is to Look, Listen, Smell, Touch, and Taste.  Try and look for 5 things as you go along.  Then 4 sounds and 3 smells.  You could touch 2 different textures and see if there is something you can taste (though don’t put anything in your mouth without checking with a grown-up first!).