Breathe B is for. . . . . . .


Begin by making a new pattern to your day

One of the things that school does is it makes life predictable and everyone feels safer if they know what is going to happen next.  Monday to Friday – you go to school, get up at the same time, have lessons on a timetable, clubs, breakfast, lunch, and break time.  Then it’s home time – maybe dinner with the family, some homework and maybe game or TV time – then bedtime – and that has its own routine.  We always know where we are.  Weekends are a bit different but they have a pattern too.  Maybe you stay up a bit later – go to clubs – play with your friends and do things with your family. 

So a really good thing to do is make a new routine for this time – still getting up in the morning – having “lessons” and break times at home – and checking in with friends if you can.  But make it a pattern to keep you safe and so you know where you are – maybe you could use a timer and go to different parts of the house or garden for different activities.  Check out regular lessons you can tune into on the TV – PE or cooking – and maybe your school has sent lessons home.  Make your weekends a bit different.  You could even draw yourself a timetable and tick things off when you’ve done them.

It’s easy to think that you don’t need to do things on time as there is no school – but it’s even more important now as it will help you to feel better.  Make sure you have regular mealtimes and bedtimes as good food and sleep will keep you healthy and happy.