Talking, Understanding,
and Changing

Therapy, Consultation, and Supervision

When Times are Challenging

The world can often feel like a difficult place to be in.  Our relationships at home with our families, at work with our colleagues and with our friends can feel confusing and sometimes insurmountable. Our children may also be struggling. The onset of COVID 19 has added many new difficulties for us to manage.  We are all living in challenging times.  Things have changed and may never be quite the same again.

At High View we understand these challenges and can help you think about and make sense of them.

Whether you are an individual, couple, family, a work based team or a whole organisation we are here to help guide you through the difficulties and issues that you encounter.

If you are another professional we can help you with understanding and meeting the particular challenges that you find in your practice.

We base all our work on a simple principle – talking helps.

Meet Our Therapists

We are Gwyn and David Carter. We are a husband and wife practice, working together for years.  We each have our own specialties and invite you to get to know us. 

Dr. Gwyn Carter

Consultant Clinical Psychologist

Gwyn's Practice Focuses On:

David Carter

Group Analyst and Consultant Clinical Psychologist

David's Practice Focuses On:

Keeping Everyone Safe

Recently, we have transitioned our client sessions from  meeting people in our consulting rooms or in the case of children, in their home or schools, to meeting with our clients, and the people we supervise, electronically.  We have become just as comfortable working on Zoom, as we are in the more traditional consulting room setting.

We bring the whole of our learning and experience to finding the best ways under these new circumstances to engage with and effectively address the problems people bring to us. 

Here's How We Get Started

Contact Us

Contact us to schedule a call so that we can see if we are the right fit to work together. If not, we may refer you to a colleague.  

Consultation Appointment

We’ll meet, get to know more about the problems you are experiencing and decide upon a treatment plan. 

Therapy Process

Begin meeting to talk on a regular basis to better understand the issues and discover ways for you to feel better.