Dr Gwyn Carter

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Consultant Clinical Psychologist Working with children, young people, their parents and their families for over 30 years. 

Support and Supervision of Professionals 
UK Athletics running coach 

Every child I meet is unique


What I enjoy about my work is that it is infinitely variable.  Every child I meet is unique and living in one of the many complex family structures that characterize modern life.  They attend different schools and have their own set of friendships and relationships.  

As a parent of (now adult) children I understand the challenges of raising youngsters whilst juggling the demands of family and working life. And life itself poses new and different challenges at every turn. Although I work with a wide range of problems – my first step will always be to listen and understand what is going on.

My practice includes assessment of developmental and psychological difficulties as well as therapeutic work with young people, parents and families as a whole. And I have a special expertise and interest in working with people following traumatic experiences.  

As a running coach I believe that looking after your whole body and physical activity is crucial to a person’s emotional wellbeing and that is an important part to consider as I work with young people.

Working with children and young people means that I work both independently and in close liaison with colleagues from other disciplines to provide a comprehensive assessment and treatment service for children and their families. 

I also offer specialist trauma work, specialist assessment of young people on the Autistic Spectrum, supervision to Child and Adolescent Clinical Psychologists and specialist EMDR supervision to a range of professionals.

My Education

I completed my Undergraduate Degree in Psychology at Bristol University in 1982 and I have been working as a qualified Clinical Psychologist since 1985 having trained in Lancashire via the British Psychological Society Diploma in Clinical Psychology.  I have subsequently completed a Post Qualification Doctorate in Clinical Psychology at Canterbury Christ Church University College in 2002 presenting a dissertation on supervision in the profession.

My Credentials

  • Associate Fellow of the British Psychological Society

  • Chartered Clinical Psychologist

  • EMDR Europe Accredited Consultant

  • Child and Adolescent Consultant. 

  • Registered with the Health and Care Professions Council (HCPC).