BreaThe T is for……………….

Child Washing hands with dad

Talk about it. 

If anyone is scared or uncomfortable one of the best ways of feeling better is to talk to someone about it – so find an adult you trust and tell them about how you are feeling.  Not all the time – because then it starts to take over – but maybe once a day.  Ask them questions – as it is really helpful to have accurate information – if they don’t know the answers they can go away and find out for you.  If you are worrying – it may be helpful to write your worries down and keep them safely in a box so that you can talk about them later – this means you don’t have to carry them around in your head all day long. 

One good way of dealing with worries is to sort them into things that you can do something about and things that you have no control over.   Then concentrate on the things you CAN control – wash your hands after you’ve been out, phone nanny to see how she is, help to make the shopping list so you know you’ll have nice things to eat………..