Two kids reading a book

BreAthe A is for……………….

Accept things and make the most of them.  It’s going to be like this for a while – this is our “New Normal” – so it’s good to find some positive ways to get on with it.  Maybe you could be the person who puts the bears in your window

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Child Washing hands with dad

BreaThe T is for……………….

Talk about it.  If anyone is scared or uncomfortable one of the best ways of feeling better is to talk to someone about it – so find an adult you trust and tell them about how you are feeling.  Not all the time – because then it starts to take

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Young kid playing with arts and crafts

BreatHe H is for………….

Have some time doing the things that you enjoy.  Every day should have some fun in it.  Reading, dancing, trampolining, crafts, TV, YouTube and this is where gaming is okay too.  Some time every day having fun is really important for everyone to give them a boost.  Make sure you

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children sleeping

BreathE E is for……………

End every day with something Lovely.  Make bedtime and the end of the day really special.  Maybe this is a time for a talk about the nice things you have done.  Or a time to read a book together with mum or dad.  Or for a cuddle.  Always try to

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Parent and Child riding bikes on Cuckoo Trail Footpath

Running and Mental Health

This is one of my favourite places to walk and run – the cuckoo trail in East Sussex! It is hard to open a newspaper without seeing something about the nation’s mental health. And if it isn’t an article about mental health – then our physical health and the exercise

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